Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead do I need to book my cake?
We do offer a selection of Celebration Cakes that are ready for pick up. For Custom Cakes, however, we limit the number of cakes we commission each week, so the earlier you reserve your date with us the better. Typically, it's best to book at least six months in advance. We pre-book up to 18 months in advance. If you have your heart set on a cake from Queen of Cake and Events, our advice is to book it as early as possible. We don't want to turn away cakes, so don't risk it; give us a call as soon as you know the date of your event!

Why do I need to setup a consultation appointment?
Your cake design process begins with a consultation. We are available by appointment only to ensure that your design time goes uninterrupted. This allows us to focus on creating the perfect cake for your event. At Queen of Cake and Events, the most important part of working our magic is for us to understand your wants; therefore, we ask that you schedule a consultation with ample time (a week for most smaller celebration cakes, usually 4 - 6 months in advance for large celebration cakes) to allow for design, scheduling and creation of the perfect cake for your most perfect day. We offer more than just a photo album of pre-designed cakes and limited icing choices. More importantly, we offer the opportunity for you to express your wants, needs and desires and a world of cake decorating techniques and mediums. We offer you a chance to take time to choose every aspect of your wedding cake carefully; we believe that you will be much happier with the outcome in the long run.

Why do I need to know the exact date of the event before an appointment is scheduled?
Again, here at Queen of Cake and Events we schedule a limited number of wedding & special event cake orders per week on a first come, first served basis. Our goal is to create the best not mass produce. Because we work nationwide and hand deliver all of our large special events cakes, an appointment is only scheduled when a firm date and reception site has been chosen by the couple and we confirm that your date is available for us to commission your custom cake.

How do I schedule a Tasting?
Complimentary tastings are available to Client's booking cakes of 150 servings and up. You are always welcome to come in and buy any of our Daily Bites as well. Please contact us for more information.

What is the fee for your consultation and What should I expect during my consultation?
For cakes of 150 servings or more, there is no consultation fee. Your consultation includes: a 45 minute personal one on one consultation and tasting with a cake stylist to discuss your cake. When you are ready to book your event with Queen of Cake and Events a $75 Retainer Fee will be due to begin the design process. This Retainer Fee will be credited to your final cake price.

What should I bring to my pre-scheduled consultation?
Be sure to bring your planning book, ideas for cake size and styles you like, have your flexible cake budget in mind. You may also wish to bring any swatches, ribbons, your invitation, pictures of the venue, your flowers, and other things you may have collected. We'll draw inspiration from attire, floral arrangements, ceremony and reception sites, and other details from your day. We've found cake designs in the most unlikely of places. We love what we do! That makes designing a cake with Queen of Cake and Events a fun and creative process. No two weddings are the same, so we believe no two cakes should be either!

How many people can I bring to my consultation?
We ask that you bring no more than three people total to any consultation; i.e., the wedding couple and wedding planner or mother, etc. We also ask that you DO NOT bring children to your Wedding consultation.

If I bring you a photo of a cake I found elsewhere could you duplicate it?
Please feel free to bring any photos of the size, style and design of cakes that interest you for inspiration; however, please note that we DO NOT copy or duplicate other decorators work. We will work to design something unique for you and your special event using elements you like. We put a lot of time and effort into creating our original designs to make your cake unique and special for you. Also, all copyrights will be honored and no cake can be made without proper permissions.

The Process - How great cakes are made...
Slowly, very slowly! We built Queen of Cake and Events on the premise that quality can't be rushed and will never be compromised due to time constraints. We limit the number of cakes that we commission each week because they are baked fresh, never frozen, using only the highest quality ingredients. Our cakes taste as good as they look! The average creation time for one of our wedding or celebration cakes can range from 18-60 hours! That doesn't include baking, or making any of the fillings and icings; which we make from scratch. Yes, I did say from scratch not out of a boxed cake mix or icing out of 25 lb bucket!

Why does it take so long?
First of all, we don't have mass-produced stock cake designs out of a book like grocery stores and many other bakeries where you select a number, such as, A13 or B12 where we look at a picture to duplicate it, each cake we design is a unique creation. Our small staff meticulously places the details onto the cake with loving care. We custom match all of our colors to swatches supplied by our clients (no pre-made bakery mint greens or bubblegum pinks here). Our cakes are often hand-painted, lustered and even gilded in edible gold leaf. We hand-cut stencils and templates to match filigree patterns from invitations and brocade fabrics or whatever you've provided for inspiration.

It's all about the decorative details -
Our bows, gum paste flowers, sugar monograms, hand-sculpted figures, etc. are all created in-house two to three weeks in advance of each wedding or special event to ensure ample drying time. Contrary to what you see on the ever growing countless number of television cake shows popping up they cannot be cut out and immediately stuck on the cake, they need time to dry into the perfect shape. Remember one of the wonders of television is they have plenty of stock piled pre-made flowers in the back ground to magically replace the ones they've just cut out! We've made edible cake toppers ranging from flowers, figures, animals, etc! That means that at any given time there are hundreds of large and small gum paste blooms, flowers, bows, and other handmade accessories in various states of creation gracing our decorating rooms and we wouldn't want it any other way!

Why should I have a budget in mind for my wedding cake?
When you're planning a wedding, the cost involved can become overwhelming. It is best to have a budget in mind for everything including your wedding cake and grooms' cake. Custom wedding cakes are very detailed and very time consuming and the costs can add up when you start adding lots of handmade detailing, i.e., handmade/hand-painted gumpaste or fondant flowers, custom made lace, custom piping and hand-painting, handmade pearls, beading, brooches, cake jewelry, custom monogram letters, cake toppers, etc. The more labor that goes into a cake and the more bling that goes onto cake the more the cake costs. Therefore, if you arrive with at least a flexible budget in mind it can help our staff better understand your needs so we can help you create the perfect cake for your special day to stay within your budget. Please keep in mind our cake pricing starts at $3.50 per serving for a minimally decorated buttercream cake. Fondant covered cakes start at $4 per serving, and Sculpted Cakes start at $5 per serving. The final cake price is determined by the number of hours needed for creation, difficulty of design, flavors, fillings, etc. not just by the number of servings.

How do I book my date/cake?
To book a Custom Cake a non-refundable $75 Retainer Fee is required to reserve your date. This fee is applied to your final cake order. If you have booked your date and venue but are unsure of what kind of cake you want, the number of guests, etc., you may reserve your wedding date by paying the non-refundable Retainer to SAVE THE DATE. This guarantees your date will be blocked out on or calendar. We will work with you to schedule your consultation at a later date when you have more details. Queen of Cake and Events presently accepts cash, check and all major credit cards.

PLEASE NOTE: Your date becomes reserved ONLY when the "Cake Contract" is signed & your $75 non-refundable retainer fee is received.

What if I don't have 6 weeks advance notice to book my cake?
LAST MINUTE WEDDINGS & GRAND EVENT CUSTOM CAKES: On occasion we are able to book a wedding with less than 6 weeks prior to the event date if that date is available or our busy schedule allows us to create your cake. In order to do so your cake MUST BE paid in FULL on the date it is booked regardless of the final cost. Your cake is non-refundable and there will be no changes made to the original design. No Exceptions.

Do you rent cake stands or plateaus?
Yes, we have assorted styles and sizes available for rental. Cake stand rental fees are based on your selection and must also be prepaid prior to your event date. Rental fees range from $35 - $75 depending. A refundable security deposit is required for all rentals.

Delivery & Setup Fees: 
We offer delivery for all of our cakes, and delivery is required for cakes of 3-tiers or more. Delivery charges are based on mileage. We will coordinate the time with you and schedule set up of your cake during our normal delivery hours (Mon - Fri 10 am-6pm & Sat - 10am-4pm). Delivery & setup outside of normal business hours is available; however, the after hours delivery fee is $100.00. Please inquire in advance if after hours delivery is needed.

In the event of cancellation, all prepaid monies are non-refundable. No exceptions will be made.

Picking up your cake is not recommended for many of our creations. Most of our cakes are either too large or irregularly shaped to fit in a cake box and special care is needed to protect them. If you choose to pick up your cake, once you leave our business with the cake it is no longer the responsibility of Queen of Cake and Events. We do offer a variety of Celebration Cakes and treats that are available for pick up.

Cake toppers that are provided by the client, must be received by Queen of Cake and Events no later than 1 month prior to the event. This is to ensure that it will fit the cake and can be braced properly not to damage the cake or the topper. Queen of Cake and Events is not responsible for cake toppers added after delivery.

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they can also be problematic. Many flowers are poisonous and extreme care must be used when adding them to a cake. We reccomend using only handmade sugar or chocolate flowers on your cake.


Depends on what flavor you love. You are in charge to create your cake. If you don't see the flavor you love on the list...just ask!

Popular Cake Flavors: White Velvet, Chocolate Dream, Classic Butter Yellow, German Chocolate, Strawberry, Spice, Orange Chiffon, Lemon, Carrot, Red Velvet

Popular Cake Fillings: Buttercream, Crème Bavaroise, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Lemon, Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Peanut Butter,
Cream fillings including: Amaretto, Rum, Baileys, Kaluha...
Additons/Toss Ins: Fresh Fruit, Nuts, Chocolate Chips, Candies, and more
Popular Icings: Buttercream (Classic, Flavored, Chocolate), Rolled Fondant, Cream Cheese, German Chocolate, Chocolate Ganache
Sugar Art Specialty Items: Figurines, Animals, Bows(Fondant, Sugarpaste, Modeling Chocolate), Bouncers, Edible Images, Sugarpaste or Gel Flowers, Isomalt or Gummy Additions, Bling (edible & non-edible). Price based on complexity

If we missed your question here, no worries, just give us a call at 210.276-0737 or email and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.


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